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Specialist Services

Specialist Services

Treatment Description Price Buy Now
Designer Brows by Tegan $55
Designer Lashes by Tegan 55-100 Lashes $210

Refill Prices

2 week refill $75

3 - 4 week refill $95

5 week refill $125

For those of you who want a little something more

Tegan Basham is widely recognised in Melbourne as one of the best beauty therapists in the industry with a strong focus and reputation for eye services, mainly brow sculpting and lash extensions.

She works on an almost exclusive basis with several TV celebrities and high profile woman. Tegan has created what has become well known to be the most effective eyebrow sculpting and lash grafting technique available today, marrying several technical aspects together with her flawless eye and surgical hands to give a perfect result.

Taking time to look at your facial features, natural brow,lash shape and discussing a preferred design, Tegan then tailors a look to best suit your personality traits and facial features; creating a result that is optimum to your face, non invasive and most importantly natural.

Tegan has over 10 years experience in the industry and is regarded as a truly unique and highly sought after stylist. She is also highly sought after in cases of corrective work those that have gone to an inexperienced therapist with devastating results.

Your eyes are the heart of your face, to perfect them ultimately makes you the best you can be.

eyelash before

Brow design (before)

eyelash after

Brow design by Tegan (after)

designer eye lash

Brow design (before)

custom eyelash

Brow design by Tegan (after)

eyelash treatment

Designer lash and brows by Tegan

eyelash specialist

Designer lashes by Tegan

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