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Eyelash Extensions

Eyelash Extensions Prices

Treatment Description Mins Price Buy Now
Light Lash 35-45 Lashes 30-60 $130
Natural Lash 55-75 Lashes 60-90 $170
Glamour Lashes 80-100 Lashes 90-120 $190

eyelash extensions

Client had bad lash extention job somewhere else

eye beauty treatment

After we removed the bad lashes, clients lashes were slightly weekend. This Does NOT happen with correct lash work

designer eyelash

Our lash work after removal, only applied a small amount and a slightly finer lash to allow lashes to regain strength

natural eyelash

Natural Set, standard curl Lash work at Luella

curl eyelash

Standard curl Lash work at Luella

Extra Curled Lash

Extra Curled Lash work at Luella

Refill Prices

Treatment Price Buy Now
2 week refill $65
3 week refill $79
4 week refill $95
5 week refill $120

Any thing after 6 weeks will be charged as a full set

Eyelash Extensions

Designed especially to suit your individual style. All eyes are different, so let us design the lashes to best suit your eyes.

Unlike other Lash Extension specialists, or lash "only" Salons, luella technicians are trained Lash Specialists combined with rigorous training in all aspects of beauty. This allows us to give you a more complete result that works in with all of your natural features.

By cleverly enhancing the eyes with natural looking eyelash extensions, not only does it make your eyelashes longer, thicker and fuller, it also makes the eyes appear brighter and gives a more youthful appearance.

The process is painless and takes about 1 to 1&1/2 hours while you relax on a bed, our trained professionals perform the delicate task of grafting a single synthetic eyelash extension to each individual lash of your own.

What makes us really stand out, Unlike a lot of other salons we use 50 - 100 lashes per eye, which achieves a much fuller but still very natural look and greater longevity.


Our lashes recycle every 60-90 days, so you will notice over a 3-4 week period a thinning process, it is very subtle & gradual and not visible to anyone else but you. We recommend a regular 3-4 week appointment to keep on top of the new hair growth. Refill times vary dramatically with individuals, it is very dependent on the after care and your growth, it varies from 2 - 7 weeks.

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